RV Services

At Steve Sweet’s we understand RV’ing can be more than just a quick get-away – it can be a satisfying lifestyle.  RV’ing gives you more control, convenience and comfort than most other forms of vacationing or travel. With an RV, you set the pace, the destination and you can enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time with less money.

Freedom, flexibility and fun: That’s the RV difference.

What we do: Our services are available year-round for our RV clientele. Our services include cleaning, emergency repairs, winterizing and maintenance of your vehicle. The store here in Trenton carries complete camping and RV supplies. If we don’t have it stocked here in our shop, we are happy to custom order exactly what you are looking for. You can also take advantage of online shopping through our online store.

Insurance Claims

We do work for several insurance companies for work as simple as an awning replacement to a complete restoration job. Our service is unique, as we can (and have) rebuilt trailers that have been cut in half by falling trees.  We replace complete floors, walls and roofs.   We have rebuilt entire slide outs. We also do most work on site saving you moving and set up costs. Our rubber roof installations are as good as factory.

Our Service Shop: Our shop is capable of holding units up to 40 feet. Rain or shine – we can repair it.  We have a licensed Diesel and Motor Mechanic that does all running gear repairs in our yard or on the road.

Come in or call today and we’ll get you set right.